About this Lazy Girl

Lazy Girl

Lazy Girl

Hi! Thanks so much for visiting in my blog! I’m KrisTina and in a perfect world, I’d be lounging on a chaise eating bonbons and supervising my handyman, interior designer, stylist, personal assistant and private chef. But in MY world, it’s me, in paint splattered sweats and food stained t-shirts, holding a glue gun in one hand and a glass of wine in the other.  And I am a Lazy Girl.

The infamous Pink Toolbelt

the infamous pink tool belt

The Lazy Girl dreams big on a small budget – of time AND money… and patience! She’s got good taste, a sense of design and her own style. And she’s got a chaotic life – family, work, friends – that she expends most of her energy on, so when it comes time for everything else, especially those things that make life pretty or organized or yummy, she’s got little patience, less time, and no money to get them done. But a Lazy Girl can get it done beautifully – easy, quick and on the cheap. That’s why I take the Lazy Girl approach to life, to decor and to so much more.

I’m really so excited you are here! I hope you’ll enjoy the antics, find some inspiration, leave your comments and share your own Lazy Girl Decor tips. I can’t wait to see them!

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