Wine Crate Crazy

8 Feb

You know those wooden wine crates that are HUGE for upcycling ideas I see everywhere online?  Well, I used to sell wine & spirits to restaurants and so the house is FILLED with them and I’m thinking of all the Lazy Girl Decor things I can do with them.

Love this idea… Can’t get much more Lazy Girl Decor than stacking different wine crates to create a bookcase!


inspiration from casa sugar

Anyone who knows me knows that I’ll put casters on ANYTHING!


old wine crate on wheels from Jessica Christman

Hmmm… there’s soooo many possibilities using this idea:

wine crate jewlery

jewelry case by paxie

Love the wine cork storage in this coffee table!  Fit the top with glass and you can show off almost any collection…

DVC Coffee Table 10

great coffee table by DIY Vintage Chic

This site has an array of pet inspired wine crate ideas, but this one could definitely a Lazy Girl Decor DIY project!


Whiner & Dinner

I’m aways looking for more ideas!  Do you have any?

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